#deafstory slots available

If you would like to help preserve part of the life story of a Deaf friend or family member, please bring that friend or family member to our booth tomorrow at Unity Day in San Diego. We will have a professional film maker on hand with high quality equipment and you can interview your friend/family member on camera. Here are some sample questions to get the ideas flowing: There are several 15 minute slots available. Let us know if you would like one of the slots for your friend/family member. #deafstory

SIGN UP in advance or just come by the booth.

Videophone Number

cliff_small_headshotNews: For many years I have had a Polycom videophone sitting on my desk that I used to communicate with staff members and Deaf clientele. Unfortunately, a few years ago, the VRS providers made it DIFFICULT for me to use this device to contact Deaf Clients directly on their videophones. They made it more complicated/difficult to use IP Addresses and started using Phone Numbers exclusively. My videophone relies on IP addresses only!

I now have a COMPUTER solution that can employ the Phone Numbers and we can contact our Deaf clients directly. In turn, if you have a videophone provided by a VRS provider you can now call us directly on our VP! That new VP number is 858-333-5073. You may also leave a message at that number if we are not available to answer.